Industrial Maintenance - Mechatronics


The Industrial Maintenance/Mechatronics Technology Program (IMM) is designed and managed to
produce highly skilled individuals in the areas of mechanical and electrical industrial machinery
repair. The program consists of Mechanical Training, to include numerous types of power transmission techniques, belt drive systems, chain drives, alignment methods, and also coupling
methods. Students are trained in pneumatic and hydraulic symbology, operation and application.
Student training also includes basic electrical motor control, sensors, motor drives, AC and DC motor theory and operation and troubleshooting. The program ends with an extensive training period of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) training, to include both programming and troubleshooting. As part of the IMM program training, students are exposed to a considerable amount of math.

Program Awards and Lengths
Industrial Maintenance Technician 1728 Diploma
Industrial Maintenance Helper 864 hours
Programmable Logic Controllers 1296 hours

Course Code Course Description Estimated Hours:

IMM 0001 Worker Characteristic 6
IMM 1010 Technology Foundations 20
IMM 1020 Orientation and Safety 6
IMM 1030 Mechanical Maintenance 220
IMM 1040 Hydraulics 90
IMM 1050 Pneumatics 90
IMM 0002 Worker Characteristic 6
IMM 2010 Basic Electricity 120
IMM 2020 Electric Motor Control 246
IMM 2030 Intro to PLCS 60
IMM 0003 Worker Characteristic 6
IMM 3010 PLCS 1 426
IMM 0004 Worker Characteristic 6
IMM 4010 IM-2300 Intro to Robotics 84
IMM 4020 IM-1800 Advanced PLCS 2 and Robotics 342



Information Detail
Time Commitment Full Time
Typical Program Length 16 Months
Clock Hours 1,728
Class Type Day
Credentials Certificate, Diploma
Total Tuition/Fees $5,492.00
Textbook/Supplies Cost $1,593.00

Program Credentials

Option NameHoursCredentials
Industrial Maintenance Helper864Certificate
Programmable Logic Controllers1296Certificate
Industrial Maintenance Technician1728Diploma

Campus Locations

Oneida Campus
180 Eli Lane
Oneida , TN 37841


First Trimester: 
IMM 0001 - Worker Characteristic
IMM 1010 - Technology Foundations
IMM 1020 - Orientation and Safety
IMM 1030 - Mechanical Maintenance
IMM 2011 - Basic Electricity
IMM 2031 - Intro to PLCS
Second Trimester: 
IMM 0002 - Worker Characteristic
IMM 1040 - Hydraulics
IMM 2021 - Electric Motor Control
IMM 1050 - Pneumatics
Third Trimester: 
IMM 0003 - Worker Characteristic
IMM 3010 - PLCS 1
Fourth Trimester: 
IMM 0004 - Worker Characteristic
IMM 4010 - IM-2300 Intro to Robotics
IMM 4011 - Intro to Robotics
IMM 4021 - Advanced PLCs
IMM 4030 - NEC Print Reading
IMM 4040 - Instrumentation and Controls
IMM 4050 - Maintenance Machining
IMM 4060 - Welding for Maintenance

Books and Supplies Lists


John Blackmore

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