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January 20, 2021





TCAT Oneida/Huntsville Safe Community Pledge
The College believes strongly in the concept of education as a method for encouraging and maintaining a supportive and safe community. Each student, faculty, and staff member play an integral part in supporting core principles to mitigate the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. While the institution can do its part in minimizing risk on campus, everyone must do their part to support efforts to minimize exposure and spread to peers and colleagues. By engaging in the on-campus community of the institution, you recognize all risks related to exposure to COVID-19. Students, faculty, and staff can help keep our community healthy by being mindful of their actions and following the institutional/public health and safety protocols. As such, we ask each individual to pledge to take responsibility for your own health and help stop the spread of the COVID-19 by agreeing to the following pledge:
I understand I have a part to play in the fight against COVID-19 and commit to being a responsible member of the campus community. I pledge to uphold the TCAT Oneida/Huntsville Safe Community Pledge every day by demonstrating personal integrity, respecting others, and supporting my college and local community by:
• Following institutional/public health guidelines designed to protect myself and others
• Limiting the size of gatherings in social situations in accordance with public health guidelines
• Maintaining social distancing
• Protecting myself and others in areas of campus and where distancing isn’t possible
• Washing my hands frequently
• Staying home if sick or if I have symptoms of COVID-19
• Reporting to school officials if I have tested positive for COVID-19
• Wearing an appropriate face mask and other protective equipment as directed by the college
• Looking out for others and encourage their faithful commitment to the pledge


November 10, 2020

Last week, TCAT Oneida/Huntsville was notified of four confirmed COVID-19 cases on its campuses at both Oneida and Huntsville. We have worked closely with the Scott County Health Department and all affected individuals have been notified of possible exposure. Departments with a positive case have been quarantined for the required amount of time per CDC and Department of Health guidelines. All affected departments are being deep cleaned to mitigate the spread of this virus. It is our understanding that information may be in the community that our school will be shut down for 28 days; this is not the case. Programs that do not have a positive case will continue to be in session based on the normal operating schedule.


October 8, 2020

Due to current conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and out of an abundance of caution the Tennessee Higher Education Commission/Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation (THEC/TSAC) has made the decision to waive the December 1 community service requirement. A Tennessee Promise student beginning or continuing enrollment at an eligible institution for the spring 2021 term will not be required to complete and submit community service to maintain eligibility.


THEC/TSAC will continue to monitor the impact from COVID-19 on our state to determine any additional accommodations which may become necessary in the fall semester and beyond.


If you have questions regarding this decision please contact tn.promise@tn.gov




August 3, 2020 UPDATE:

TCAT Oneida/Huntsville has been notified of its first confirmed COVID-19 case. The affected department has been deep cleaned and those who were exposed have been notified regarding quarantine/isolation requirements. If you have not received a phone call from a TCAT employee or the Scott County Health Department, you are not considered to have been exposed. We will continue to take appropriate precautions to protect the safety and well-being of all our students, staff, and guests on our campuses.



Plans to Return to On Campus Learning:

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology Oneida/Huntsville is excited to welcome returning students and new students back to our campuses on May 18, 2020.  It will be great to be able to start hands on training, as well as theory training again.  It is our mission to give each of you the best training possible and keep you safe at the same time.  Starting Monday, we will have these campus modifications which are directed by the Tennessee Board of Regents: 


1. All students and staff will wear a face mask while on campus.  If you have a mask, please bring it.  If not, you will be provided a mask when you arrive.


2. All students on the Oneida campus will enter through the front doors of the Administration Building.  All students on the Huntsville Campus will enter through the main entrance in the front.


3. Students will be required to complete a Screening Questionnaire before entry to any building is permitted. A link to the questionnaire will be emailed daily to all students. If the responses determine the student meets the criteria for entry, he/she will receive an Admission Certificate via email. Students will present this certificate, either a printed copy or by showing the document on their phone, to the designated employee. If an electronic Admission Certificate is not presented, the student will be required to complete the paper questionnaire when they arrive on campus.


4. We encourage regular handwashing and use of hand sanitizer.  Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the building and in classrooms.


5. The vending machines will be available only during scheduled breaks and the 30-minute lunch times.  The break room seating is closed. 


6. There will be no more than nine (9) students plus the instructor in classroom settings.  Instructors will share with you how this will be accomplished in your program. 


7. Social distancing of six (6) feet apart should be followed at all times while on campus.


8. If you are running a temperature or sick, you should notify your instructor and stay home until you are cleared by your doctor to return to campus.  


These are very difficult times and these measures have been designed by the Tennessee Board of Regents and TCAT Administration in ensure your health and safety.  We are here to assist you and will make your experience as a TCAT student pleasurable and profitable for your future.  If you have questions, please contact your instructor or email jtrammell@tcatoneida.edu or nduncan@tcatoneida.edu.  You may also call (423) 663-4900. Again, we are excited to start the Summer term and look forward to seeing you on Monday, May 18, 2020. 


Dwight Murphy, President