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Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Oneida/Huntsville’s President Dwight Murphy is pleased to announce that Colton Gray of the Machine Tool Technology program has been selected as the post-secondary “Student of the Month” for February 2018. Machine Tool Technology instructor Jared Terry states, “Colton is progressing very well in the Machine Tool Technology class. He has shown great leadership skills throughout his time in the class from high school till the present. He is going to make an excellent employee and machinist.” Colton remarks, “After high school, I worked several jobs before I realized I wanted to complete the machinist training I had begun. My senior year of high school I attended the Machine Tool Technology program at TCAT-Oneida/Huntsville. I realized machinist work was enjoyable to me, and I wanted to have a career making a living in a field that was a challenge and I enjoyed. I really like taking a chunk of metal and creating something useful from it. I am self-driven to improve my machinist skills each day. It is challenging to me to make a piece as perfect as I can being as close to tolerance as possible. I have been pleased with the TCAT-Oneida/Huntsville Machine Tool Technology program and would highly recommend it. Jared Terry, my instructor, is very encouraging to his students and patient with them as they learn.” Colton is a resident of Scott County.