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Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Oneida/Huntsville’s Computer Information Technology instructor Rodney Stephens is pleased to announce that post-secondary student Craig Hicks successfully passed the CompTIA national A+ certification. The new A+ certification is now required by Dell, Intel and Lenovo service techs.  It is also recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense.  Job placements are in the area of IT support tech, IT support administrator and IT support specialist.  In order to receive the A+ certification, students must pass two CompTIA exams. These exams cover the installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware.  Students also have proven skills in the latest PC operating systems, mobile operating systems, Android and Apple iOS email server configuration, networking fundamentals and security.  In addition to hands-on training, CIT students now focus also on lab simulations.  LabSim is a new innovative way of virtual training that offers students a second certification, PC Pro.  This certification compliments the A+ certification by placing CIT students in a life-like virtual environment allowing them to configure networks, view instructional led courses, configure and resolve PC and networking issues.

CIT Instructor Rodney Stephens states, “Craig Hicks is one my CIT students who travels three counties to take advantage of the advanced IT training offered at the TCAT Huntsville college campus. Overcoming challenges and staying the IT course is one of his strongholds. His integrity and persistence has enabled him to prevail and strengthen his IT arsenal for a promising IT career. I have a healthy pride for my CIT students and what they have accomplish each day. Gaining a national IT certification, such as Craig’s recent A+ achievement, will place him clearly in the radar of future IT recruiters. The CIT program offers an abundance of IT training in areas such as IT troubleshooting, networking, IoT, cyber security, advance Microsoft server infrastructure and advanced training in our Cisco Networking Academy focusing on the new CCNA and Cyber Operations certifications.

Well trained IT employees are hard to find and are in high demand. Come join our CIT program. The course length is up to 20 months offering a solid IT foundation curriculum through advanced training required by companies seeking those individuals knowledgeable in defending cyber attacks, developing and strengthening network infrastructure, working remotely on enterprise servers, cloud integration and IT communication support and configuration.

CIT students have been in high demand and placed in both local and nationally providing IT business needs. Bank security, Telecommunication and ISP providers, Hospital IT administration, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, SAIC, Manufacturing and Production Plants. The employment list continues on throughout the IT industry.  Students completing CIT are well trained and ready to enter the IT workforce confident and competent. That’s what we do and what we are exceptionally good at!”

If you are interested in pursuing an advanced and exciting career in Information Technology, contact Computer Information Technology instructor Rodney Stephens or the TCAT–Oneida/Huntsville Student Services Coordinator Jennifer Trammell at 423-663-4900 to schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss the program details and options or visit the College’s website at to place an application. 

Picture caption: Pictured is Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Oneida/Huntsville Craig Hicks (left) and CIT Instructor Rodney Stephens (right) on receiving his A+ certification.