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Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Oneida/Huntsville Computer Information Technology (CIT) instructor Rodney Stephens is proud to announce that CIT student Jessie Driscoll and Jerome Bass have become Security + certified during September 2016. “These IT exams are extremely difficult.  The success demands a robust, structured and hands-on IT program along with student commitment and dedication.  Jessie and Jerome’s success is not any majestic formula.  They just did exactly that.  They committed themselves to IT.   Awesome job well done Jessie and Jerome,” states CIT instructor Rodney Stephens.   While in the CIT program, they have earned the A+ and Network+ certifications before focusing on the network security curriculum which has become one of the most sought after skills in today’s IT industry. Successfully passing this certification validates Jessie and Jerome’s knowledge of communication security, infrastructure security, cryptography, operational security and general security concepts across vendor products.  They are now qualified to oversee corporate network security measures and protect a corporation against security threats like viruses and hackers.  If you are interested in pursuing an advanced and exciting career in Information Technology, contact Computer Information Technology instructor Rodney Stephens or Student Services Coordinator Tim Smith and schedule a one-on-one appointment to discuss the program’s details and options.  Both these individuals may be contacted by telephone at 423-663-4900 or by visiting the College’s website at  “WorkFORCE development; it’s what we do!”

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Picture Caption:   Tennessee College of Applied Technology- Oneida/Huntsville’s CIT students Jessie Driscoll (left) and Jerome Bass (center) recently became Security+ certified. They are shown being congratulated by CIT instructor Rodney Stephens (right).