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Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Oneida/Huntsville’s president Dwight Murphy is pleased to announce that Weston Bell of the Computer Information Technology program has been selected as the post-secondary “Student of the Month” for July 2018. “Weston has been an exceptional student throughout his training in the CIT program. His work ethics are exceptional, and he sets a standard for others to follow. Weston’s character is one I will miss the most. Even through life’s toughest moments, Weston brings joy enlightened with a huge smile to everyone’s day. It is highly contagious, this positive attitude. I often witness his gleam filling the entire room. I have watched Weston’s knowledge grow immensely in the IT field. He is now training in our advanced server curriculum. He remains eager to learn and takes on new challenges with determination. The industry needs to keep their eyes on Weston. He will be available for the IT workforce soon and will make a great employee as he has as a student,” states CIT instructor Rodney Stephens. Weston comments, “While in high school, I began my training by taking the electronics program. Throughout high school my grandfather, Duell West, encouraged me to attend TCAT-Oneida/Huntsville. He felt it would better prepare me for the workforce. My grandfather taught electronics over 30 years and also had a business which exposed me to the electronic world. My interest continued growing in electronics which eventually led to the IT field. I am so glad I chose to enroll at TCAT-Oneida/Huntsville in the CIT program. My instructor Rodney Stephens has shown me a great work ethic and has prepared me to succeed in the ever evolving IT industry. I am excited and look forward to a career in Computer Information Technology.” Weston is the son of Greg and Lisa Bell and a resident of Scott County.

Pictured is Weston Bell, (left) TCAT- Oneida/Huntsville Post-Secondary “Student of the Month” for July 2018 with CIT instructor Rodney Stephens (right).