Student Handbook

Visitors on Campus

While visitors and guests are welcome on campus, the welfare and safety of the entire student body and the maintenance of its academic programs MUST be placed above all else. All visitors and guests should report directly to the main office to sign in and receive a visitor's badge, which is always to be worn while on campus. Tennessee College of Applied Technology faculty and staff are aware that many of its students are both students and parents and that there are often complicating factors that impact these two roles. However, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology does not permit children who are minors, except those who are enrolled as students or participating in educational programs or activities sponsored by the College, to be on the campus without notice to, and permission from, the Tennessee College of Applied Technology Administration. A child is anyone who is birth to 17 years of age. Any visitor who brings or invites children to campus MUST maintain custody of the children while on campus and is responsible for the behavior and safety of the children while at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. All visitors will be provided safety glasses when visiting a shop area.

When a violation of this policy is observed, the Student Services Office should be contacted. It is the responsibility of this office to assess the situation and, with the assistance of security, take appropriate action, which may include escorting the student, employee or guest, and children off-campus.