Student Handbook

Graduation/Program Completion

Graduation Requirements

Graduates of Tennessee College of Applied Technology are usually considered for entry-level employment in their respective occupations. Satisfactory completion may be achieved by demonstrating proficiency based on the occupational entry requirements.

The Tennessee College of Applied Technology awards two (2) types of educational credentials. A certificate of completion may be awarded to any student who reaches a job proficiency level and to any supplemental student who completes objectives for upgrading necessary skills and knowledge within a program of study. A diploma may be awarded to students who demonstrate satisfactory proficiency in a program. (See each program area for those job titles designed as complete courses of study.)

Students are requested to complete an exit interview upon completion of their training program.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies are held annually. Students are strongly encouraged to participate in this occasion, when the student's family and friends, as well as the College faculty and staff, are given the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of our graduates. The Student Services Office will notify students of the graduation application procedure as well as all deadlines leading up to the event, including arrangements necessary to receive the cap and gown, as well as the appropriate credential(s).

Awards Issued Upon Program Completion

Awards and transcripts are typically issued within three to four weeks following completion of a program of study.


Exit Interview

Students leaving the College are requested to complete an exit interview. This questionnaire will provide useful information to the College regarding the quality of programs, instructional equipment, our services, and student employment information. Before leaving the College, the student should complete an exit interview with the Student Services Office.