Student Handbook

Changes in Enrollment Status

After the census date, students receiving a WNTSG/TN PROMISE/TCAT RECONNECT award will normally not be allowed to change status during the term.  The census date is defined as the first day of the term or the first day of the student’s enrollment for the term. 

  • A student may be allowed to change status from full-time to part-time during the term only when there are documented medical or personal reasons. Such medical or personal reasons shall include, but not be limited to, illness of the student, illness or death of an immediate family member, extreme financial hardship of the student or student’s immediate family, or other extraordinary circumstances beyond the student’s control where continued full-time attendance by the student creates a substantial hardship.
  • Students may change status between terms prior to the census date.  However, approval for the change in status must be granted prior to registration.
  • Students must contact the Student Services Office to request a change in status.

If approved for a change in enrollment status, the amount of any financial award, including WNTSG/TNPROMISE/TCAT RECONNECT being received will be adjusted based on the revised scheduled hours for the term.  Any amount that the student owes for financial resources already received must be paid prior to the effective date of the change. 

If the Student Services Office denies a student’s request to change enrollment status, the student will need to determine if they will continue enrollment or withdraw from the institution. In the event of withdrawal and subsequent non-continuous enrollment, a student may appeal the loss of scholarship so long as they meet one of the requirements for appealing loss of state aid and submit appropriate supporting documentation.

Different rules may apply to service members.  See TBR Policy, Admission, Enrollment, and Readmission of Service Members.

Involuntary Withdrawal Policy (Automatic)

Any student who is absent from class for three days without notification to the program instructor will be withdrawn from class per TBR policy 2:03:01:05. On the day following the third no call no show absence; the instructor will complete the required termination procedure and notify the Student Services Office.

Appropriate school personnel will process the withdrawal. The Business Office will determine Return of Title IV Aid Calculation, TBR Refund Calculation and notification of withdrawal to required outside agencies. Should the student return to class after an automatic withdrawal has been processed, the student will be required to complete a new application for enrollment.

Voluntary Withdrawal Policy

Every student should talk with his/her instructor and the counselor before voluntarily terminating his/her training or withdrawing from enrollment at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology. The procedure to terminate/withdraw is:

  1. Talk with your instructor. Explain why you are leaving and what your plans are for the future.
  2. Complete an Exit Interview and turn your ID badge in at the Student Services Department if one was issued.
  3. If a student fails to complete an Exit Interview, the Student Services staff will send the information to the student. This information is very important for COE, U.S. Department of Education, and TBR reporting.
  4. Students may owe refunds for financial assistance programs if they do not complete the hours scheduled during the term they terminate/withdraw. An interview with the Financial Aid Office is recommended prior to termination/withdrawal to determine any applicable financial penalties.